Journal for Research Cultures

The Journal for Research Cultures (JRC) is an international peer reviewed Open-Access (OA) journal published by the Research Institute for Arts and Technology. JRC is a platform for the communication and presentation of strategies of experimental, transdisciplinary and artistic research practices across epistemic cultures. It provides a forum for these epistemic cultures to interconnect and encourages comparative investigations by focusing on strategies rather than outcome of research activities. JRC deliberately emphasises the explorative nature of contemporary research with technology-supported methods and artistic- and practice-based approaches. It extends the philosophy of openness with the intention to be accessible to a broad audience both within the academic framework and outside.

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Sophie-Carolin Wagner

Matthias Tarasiewicz

Andrew Newman

Editorial Board

Jamie Allen, IXDM Basel, Switzerland

Jill Bennett, University of New South Wales, Australia

Hans Bernhard, independent artist,

Karla Brunet, UFBA Bahia, Brazil

Damien Charrieras, School of Creative Media Hong Kong, China

Teresa Dillon, UDK Berlin, Germany

Karmen Franinovic, ZHDK Zurich, Switzerland

Stefano Harney, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Margarete Jahrmann, ZHDK Zurich, Switzerland

Alessandro Ludovico, independent artist and researcher, Neural Magazine

Liz Losh, University of California, San Diego, USA

Lev Manovich, City University of New York, USA

Armin Medosch, independent artist and researcher, Technopolitics

Nora Sternfeld, Aalto University, Finland

Axel Stockburger, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria


Contributing/Associate Editors

Daniel Benedek

Georgios Papadopoulos

Advisory Board

Christian Reder, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Boris Manner, University of Applied Arts Vienna


Christoph Schörkhuber, design editor

Nils Gabriel, design researcher


Artistic Bokeh

Artistic Technology Research Lab

Austrian Science Fund FWF


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